Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet This Week

I know, it’s Thursday. But I did NOT know it was Thursday until like halfway through today. I blame the last week of SRP. 

Last week, Annie (@sotomorrow) posted about how she sets up for storytime. And it started an AWESOME trend. Amy (not our Amy) (@choosejoytoday) just put up a blog post linking to all the others, and I cannot recommend them all highly enough. 

What’s phenomenal about this is that each person organizes their storytime prep totally differently, and each way is equally valid and equally awesome. I love that a new librarian asked to do storytime could read the series of posts and get really specific, excellent suggestions for how to get started AND would not get scared off thinking there’s only one right way to do it. It’s just so far past cool. 

We got a website submission for this article on Little eLit about Guerrilla Storytime saying we should call it out, so I will. I love any article that calls me an idea genius. 

Video Action: I dig this weather song, and I love that the woman doing it shows herself interacting with the toddlers. 

I leave you with this picture of Somber Kitty (read the May Bird Books!) watching you:


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