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Forgive me, I’ve been singing Avenue Q all week. What do you do with a BA in English (well, Creative Writing and Comparative Mythology)? Write a blog about librarianship, obvs. 

My first link is not Storytime related exactly, but Kimberly (@KimberlyMarieF) wrote this fantastic and thought provoking post on Stacked (My All-Time Favorite Book Review Blog, Y’all) about sanitizing history for kids, specifically in picture books. I would love it if you guys read the post and then commented here about how this idea relates back to our work in EC. 

I somehow forgot to link to this last week, for which I will suffer eternal shame: Melissa (@MelissaZD, patron saint of Guerrilla Storytime) was curious about Mem Fox’s oft-restated stat that children should know 8 nursery rhymes by heart by age 4. Specifically, being a librarian, Mel wanted SOURCES. So she went looking. She chronicles her epic research adventure and, in the comments, people offer to help her with follow-up. the whole thing is amazing. Unsurprisingly. 

I hopped over to Kathryn’s blog to see what was what because she’s hosting Flannel Friday this week, and I was soooo excited to see that she is talking about the storytimes she’s planning for October! Since I’m in planning mode right now, I love seeing her Halloween and Fire Safety storytimes during planning stages and not just right after/too late for me. 

It seems like everywhere I look the past couple of weeks, I’m reading articles about libraries implementing play spaces, doing programs centered around teaching parents the importance of play, etc. I just read this horrifying piece from WaPo about the overwhelming absence of play in EC classrooms, and am thinking about how pub libs are once again picking up the pieces as education reforms leave educators and kids SOL. BUT ALSO about the opportunities we have to branch out in ways schools can’t into play-based learning. Thoughts? What are you doing that’s specifically play-based? 

I’d like to start reading some Early Childhood Education blogs by non-librarians. Anyone have recommendations? Please comment! Also comment if you have a great training video I should post. 

According to the NYPL, “On this day in 1921 A.A. Milne gave his son Christopher Robin a teddy bear for his first birthday.” As a child my world was very, very full of the Hundred Acre Woods, and I still have quite a few of Milne’s wonderful poems memorized. I cannot overstress how grateful I am to know and have befriended a bear called Winnie. 


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