Book Club Discussion Starters: A Child’s Work

Today’s the day! Tonight at 9 p.m. EST, a group of Storytime Undergrounders will meet online for a live Google+ Hangout to discuss the first Storytime Underground Book Club pick, Vivian Gussin Paley’s A Child’s Work.

In advance of the live discussion tonight, we want to post some discussion starters for those of you who want to participate in asynchronous discussion. Feel free to chime in in the comments or on Facebook. This weekend, we’ll post a follow-up to the live discussion to keep the discussion going even further. We’re excited to hear what you have to say and to learn from all your brilliant reflections.

And now, some discussion starters:

  1. Paley mentions that some parents and caregivers consider how children play as too serious or risky, with them “playing” through controversial issues. Yet children live in a world with loud public conversations about guns, death, violence. By taking away play, are we taking away coping skills?
  2. Says Paley: “If readiness for school has meaning, it is to be found first in the children’s flow of ideas, their own and those of their peers, families, teachers, books, and television, from play into story and back into more play.” How does this idea fit with how ECRR defines readiness?
  3. Paley seems to argue that play is the physical manifestation of storytelling. How does that fit in a library setting where storytelling is what we do? How does it tie in with early literacy goals?
  4. Paley shares lots of anecdotes about play in early childhood settings as the basis of her arguments. Is this a step we need to be taking, bringing “the anecdotal evidence of [our] study to [our] colleagues”? Sharing our experiences and our reflections of them with the larger profession? How do we do that?

Please feel free to join the conversation even if you haven’t gotten to read Paley’s book!

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