Well, that was a failure.


The inaugural live Google+ Hangout for the Storytime Underground Book Club crashed and burned. Or, rather, due to technical difficulties and Google+ Hangout idiosyncrasies, it never got off the ground. I don’t get it; Google+ Hangouts always work for John Green!

Kendra and I were finally able to live video chat using a Hangout, but since no one else was able to join us and you’re a whole lot more interesting than I am, we decided to reschedule for a date/time tba. Basically, the Storytime Undergound Joint Chiefs need to meet and figure out logistics that work for all of you. We have faith we’ll figure out something. We are, after all, guerrillas and ninjas.

In the meantime, please engage in some book discussion on our book using our earlier post or on Facebook. We’re very interested in what you have to say regardless of whether we get to hear your brilliance straight out of your lips via video chat.

Also, if you are more technologically savvy than we and would like to volunteer to school us, please do. You can get a hold of us here.

Caution tape photo from Flickr user Picture Perfect Pose; it is Creative Commons licensed.
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