Not Everything Cool Is About Storytime

There were a lot of cool non-storytime-but-still-library related things on the internet this week.

Heather McNabb wrote a guest post on Letters to a Young Librarian about finding Your People, and it is dead on. My professional posse is my saving grace.

Val (@vforrestal) wrote a very smart article about the culture of trying to get famous in librarianship vs, you know, trying to be a great librarian. She knows of what she speaks. May we all internally measure our career success by happy kids not name recognition. May we someday live in a librarianship where we only ever get famous, or paid more, or offered better gigs, for being great at our jobs. It is our pledge here at SU to make librarians who are great at their jobs more known, in an attempt to undermine this exact secret club system of which Val speaks.

Captain Awkward wrote a column about workplace dynamics that’s not technically about lib’ship, but could be. If you have passive-aggressive co-worker issue, the Cap has you covered.

Do y’all know about Jbrary’s themed storytime boards? If not, you’re welcome. Thank God for Pinterest.

This really interesting video from CNIB library talks about ways to make storytime inclusive. I’d love to hear from people who are working on this in their libraries.

I recently reread Angie’s post about feeling like early literacy was not her strength, and how she went about beefing up her skills. I love it as much as I did the first time, because she owns up to a weaker part of her job performance, finds resources and keeps practicing until she gets better. Solutions! I’m about them. Plus she calls out Katie Salo, who should get all the accolades because she is a badass.

Did I miss something this week? Let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, I’m going to go enjoy a cup of coffee with this fine gentleman:


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