Know anyone Moving and Shaking?

Liz Burns got me fired up about this today.

Part of our mission here at the Underground is promotion. We believe that youth services doesn’t get enough recognition within the profession, and we want to change that. Mostly we do it grassroots style, but here is a chance to do it at the institutional level.

Tomorrow, nominations are due for LJ’s annual Movers and Shakers award. It has gone to some badass YS librarians in the past (hey Kirbs!) and we would like to see that continue. You have like, 24+ hours still to nominate, and in the words of another Cory, there are 24 usable hours in every day.

Don’t know who to nominate, or for what? Below, find some picks from the joint chiefs.

Cory’s suggestions:

AMY KOESTER. Many librarians are doing amazing things with STEAM programming, and writing amazing things about it, but I can’t think of anyone in the country who is both doing as much programming and writing as much useful material about the subject as Amy is.

JULIE JURGENS. There’s been lots of talk about rock star librarians, but Julie is the real deal: both rock star and librarian. Her library insights are spot-on, and her dedication to making music accessible for all is beyond admirable.

SARA BRYCE. If you want constant innovation in middle grade programming and some of the smartest writing out there about parent and child behavior management in the library, Bryce Don’t Play is indispensable.

KENDRA JONES. Giving Amy’s STEAM writing/programming crown a fabulous contender. Helping start a Guerrilla Storytime revolution. Large amounts of making it work.

Kendra’s suggestions:

THE CREW AT FLANNEL FRIDAY. Flannel Friday is one of the best things to ever happen to the Internet, if you’re a Children’s Librarian, and the team behind it is a dream team. Melissa Depper (a 2013 Mover & Shaker), Annie Clark, and Anna Haase Krueger are all three doing phenomenal things for the profession separately, and together they are unstoppable.

THE CREW AT JBRARY: Have you ever read a storytime description and thought, “I don’t think you CAN sing that to the tune of Frere Jacques?” Of course you have. And that is the niche Jbrary so brilliantly fills. BUT ALSO booklists. If Jbrary and Flannel Friday had a baby, it would be THE COMPLETE RESOURCE OF EVERY STORYTIME IDEA YOU EVER NEEDED.

Amy’s suggestions:

CORY ECKERT. Six months ago, the concepts of a Guerrilla Storytime and Storytime Underground DID NOT EXIST. Thanks to Cory’s vision, determination, and cojones, YS librarians have forums for grassroots advocacy so we can support each other as we support our communities.

ABBY JOHNSON. Keeping up on readers’ advisory for kids can be tough, especially if your staff doesn’t have much opportunity to read outside their comfort zones and share with each other. That’s why Abby’s “Reading Wildly” program for her staff is so stellar.

CEN CAMPBELL. New media is a topic in YS whether libraries want to admit it or not, and it’s Cen’s mission to make sure librarians are armed with information and skills to rock this new landscape for early literacy.

GO FORTH and NOMINATE. Let’s bombard LJ with so many insanely amazing YS librarians that they don’t know what’s hit them. They won’t pick everyone, but you can’t win if you don’t play.

Know of amazing YS librarians we didn’t mention? Add them to the comments.

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