The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week

The internet was not disappointing this week. What was the BEST thing I saw? MYSELF (and Guerrilla Storytime) IN AL DIRECT! (With a photo of Amy, which is great for me, because Amy is so absurdly pretty, you guys, for real, how is it even allowed?). It’s down in the Tips and Tricks section. THIS IS BRILLIANT. Our whole point of having this site is to get YS news out into the wider librarian internet.

Thanks to Marge for summing up why it’s so important to us to get our (amazing) ideas out beyond the youth services bubble.

I love this Letter of The Week storytime that Miss Sue posted at Library Village (formerly Let The Wild Rumpus Start). The mailbag is a great way to reveal the theme, while incorporating new information about TWO ECRR2 skills (reading + writing) and teaching about mail! Her Old McDonald is hilarious and easy to replicate. It’s so smart to take a song every kid knows and tweak it just a little. It makes the kids (and parents) feel comfortable. She also HAS an ECRR tip and talks about picking books for skills they teach kids. So awesome.

You know what we’re about? (Ninjas? Tacos? Dolly Parton?) Advocacy! This post from Lisa Taylor at the ALSC blog is really key. What would your libraries circ stats, or program numbers, look like without you? YOU MATTER.

Brytani has an excellent write up on getting families acquainted with a new storytime provider — which I feel like someone is always asking about.

Carrie over at The Lion is a Bookworm has a super cute Ps and Qs storytime about Princes and Queens! What a smart way to do letter knowledge and play into the popularity of the princess craze. She manages to pack a LOT of educational elements.

I’m pretty excited that Sarah is back to blogging and also that she takes the WORLDS CUTEST baby pics.

It’s Valentine’s Day! I’m posting a picture of one of the things I love best in the world. . .



The Rockford Peaches. What do YOU love most? Leave me pics in the comments!

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