The Single Fracking Coolest Damn Thing on the Internet

Three out of three Storytime Underground Joint Chiefs have been waiting rather impatiently for quite some time for the reveal of Anna HK’s Everyday Diversity project. And now it has been revealed, and it is uhfrackingmazing. It is all the things SU is about. It is all the things we aspire to help the Youth Services Internet Ninja Mafia be about. It is perfect and I could not be more excited to support it in any way possible.

You should help!

And that, friends, is the coolest thing I saw on the internet this week.*

(Also this, courtesy of Sophie Brookover and the Calming Manatee):


Go in peace, my beloved Ninja Mafia. Let’s be careful out there.

*There may be some relation between the brevity of this post and the fact that I lost my adored Gram on Thursday night, and spent all weekend travelling/doing family funeral crud/travelling/recuperating and hence did not actually read that much of the internet this week, but I think Anna’s project deserves to stand alone anyway, because it is cool beyond measure.

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