The Coolest Things Moving and Shaking on the Internet This Week

Yes, friends, I did get named a Library Journal 2014 Mover and Shaker (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for Guerrilla Storytime. Which is really about YOU, because I only thought up Guerrilla Storytime, I didn’t make it into a crazy international movement. You did that. I love you. 

HEY speaking of Guerrilla Storytime, there is one THIS SATURDAY in Indy as part of PLA. It is at 9:15. Amy and Brooke are co-facilitating. I fully expect magic will happen. 

The inaugural Michigan KidLit UnCon, which I’m pretty sure is the professional event I’ll most regret missing this year, held a Guerrilla Storytime and Annie blogged about it, and it sounds incredible. Which, duh, look at who put it on. 

ALSO speaking of Guerrilla Storytime, thanks for this great write up of the one at Midwinter, Anne!

What are we up to next, over here in the Underground? We have a couple of bigBIGbig ideas we are brewing (OH MAN YOU GUYS), but the official things happening are: ALSC student session webinar (FREE!) on building your PLN, March 25 and possibly a Conversation Starter at Annual IFFFFF you all vote for it:

This post on wordless picture books is a MUST READ. Use them! They’re not scary! They’re important for developing imagination and awareness of narrative structure!

One of our readers emailed me about her blog, Kidlit Celebrates Women’s History Month, and it’s full of cook reviews and program ideas for bringing Women’s History Month to your patrons, which is a highly excellent idea. 

Thanks to the Jbrary gals for linking to this AWESOME resource from an apparently amazing Canadian library featuring videos of storytime songs in 15 different languages. <3

I know, I know, I am breaking my own rule about not linking to stuff my fellow joint chiefs are blogging about, but did you see Amy’s post about World Read Aloud day? It’s such a smart way to do a fairly low-staff time community partnership program with big pay off. Plus, literacy. And Kendra is painting with balloons, because she’s a mad genius!

Abby shouts us out in a great article on ways to get that storytime training you feel like you missed out on, and also has a super useful related article on what she’s learned on the job about preparing for readalouds (bonus picture of my future wife. Hi honey!).

The picture this week is ME in LIBRARY JOURNAL. Because. 


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