The Coolest Thing on the Internet (and in Canada)!

OMG JBRARY DID GUERRILLA STORYTIME AND IT WAS INSANE!!!! We here are Storytime Underground LOVE our adorable and highly productive Canadian sisters Dana and Lindsey. They have made a huge contribution to our profession with their video library and also, are great. This past week, at the British Columbia Library Conference, they facilitated Guerrilla Storytime and then they posted really, really killer notes about it on Jbrary. Like, they rival Amy in note-taking awesomry. You need to go check it out. It is ALMOST like you are AT a Guerrilla Storytime, but with less ukulele. 

You know who’s been rocking it this week? The ALSC blog. From Katie’s post about unconventional storytime prep (“Does this shirt ride up when I shake my sillies out?”) to this post about whether or not you’re a mandatory reporter (you need to know!), there is no shortage of bad-assery happening. 

Also rocking it hard (I know you’re SHOCKED) is Melissa. She’s been surveying youth services librarians about their storytime workload. I think this is so vitally important. Often administrators see storytime as something we do for 30 minutes/week (x however many storytimes you do) and don’t take into account how much program prep is required to truly do a spectacular storytime that incorporates ECRR and props and flannels and new songs and. . .  So, it’s great for us as a community to have some evidence of just how much time we’re spending. 

Do you follow @lizinthelibrary on Twitter? You should, because she’s rad. Also she has a rad blog called Born Librarian. Recently she posted about modifying songs to make them about Alaska AND about modifying storytime for when you’re pregnant. The latter is probably useful to many of you (everyone seems to be pregnant!!) and the former is a very smart early literacy trick. piggybacking new rhymes onto familiar rhythms helps kids learn about rhyme and makes them feel more comfortable with new songs. 

It’s not storytime PER SE but you could use Angie’s incredible posts about how she rebooted her American Girl program to reboot some pre-k programs, too. Or, you could just marvel at the genius that is @misskubelik. 

It’s been a pretty great week, you guys. Have a squirrel. 


Also the Red Wings have secured their spot in their 23rd consecutive playoffs, so. 


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