Ask a Storytime Ninja: Reboot

We are going to shake things up a little with Ask a Storytime Ninja!

Ask a Storytime Ninja badge

Back before Storytime Underground was launched, and Anna suggested we have an advice column on SU, we loved the idea but the logistics were tricky. We gave the current method a try and while it has been successful in a lot of ways we think it can be even better.  So, beginning in May we’re making a change.

On the first Tuesday of each month 3-4 Storytime Ninjas will be introduced. Their expertise and any other pertinent information will be included.

Questions from you will be directed to these Ninjas to respond to. Answers to questions will be posted in subsequent weeks, in the style of Dear Abby.

Ask a Ninja questions may still be submitted any time here.

Would you like to be a featured Ninja? Sign up here.
Questions? Just ask!

Also, Happy Tax Day! Here’s hoping not too many of your patrons come in looking for those endangered tax form species in the next few weeks. For their own sakes.

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