July Photo Diary Prompt: or, the last photo diary (for now)

SU Photo Diary Badge

We’ve been doing Photo Diary for the better part of the time Storytime Underground has existed. And while we still love the idea behind it, we’ve got some other ideas up our sleeves that we’re itching to try.


And so this July Photo Diary will be the final photo diary, at least for now. The prompt is the one that initially launched the Photo Diary concept, and I do hope lots of you will participate.


July Photo Diary Theme:

Show us your silliest storytime face. It could be a face that you make on purpose to elicit laughs and participation. It could be a face that you make inadvertently as you’re in the midst of a really killer storytime. Whatever its cause, we want to see it.

How to participate:

Email your photo to us in either jpg or png format by July 19. We’ll let you know if we have questions.

The photo share:

Check back later in July for the photo roundup to see your fellow guerrillas’ most ridiculous storytime faces.



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