The Coolest Thing I Saw On the Internet This Week

As evidenced by our wrap up posts, Guerrilla Storytime at ALA 2014 was AMAZING. I am once again blown away by the incredible power of the GS model. Also the brilliance of our colleagues. We even got some good press! We were in Cognotes on page 6 (those of you from Britain will appreciate this), were mentioned in SLJ’s mega trends piece, and got a great write up in GalleyCat.


We were not the only great things happening on the Internet, though! Did you guys see that Angie FINALLLLLLY posted about her Epic and Legendary Baby Dance, and it was indeed both epic and legendary?


Are you having a hard time with this day/week/month/SRP? Here is A.A. Milne reading Winnie the Pooh aloud, so, now everything is all better and beautiful forever. Seriously. This is the best and most important thing that has ever happened in my life.


I’m not sure I’m with the American Academy of Pediatrics about screen time (I’m also a Doctor, didn’t you know? Not that kind, though. The kind that wears a Fez now because Fezes are cool) HOWEVER I love this post from Storytime Secrets about all kinds of other great stuff from around the house that babies can play with. Anything that encourages parents to PLAY, I say.


LOOK AT THIS AMAZING TODDLER EXPLORER SERIES over at Getting Giggles!! Don’t you want to do this RIGHT NOW? Yes. We all do.


Speaking of stuff you want to run back to work and do RIGHT NOW, may I present your new favorite website, Art Projects for Kids?


You know what I love about this Pete the Cat Party at Library Bonanza? EVERYTHING. BUT. What I love MOST is the painting with food and mud. Bestill my messy heart.


I hope you are all surviving SRP and doing kind things for yourself. You’re almost there, my beautiful Guerrillas! Take heart. Soon you’ll be doing back to school visits and planning Guerrilla Storytimes at your state conferences (see what I did there?). In the meantime, there are new Harry Potter stories in the world, and there are always more and more and more amazing picture books to be read and reread and loved into old friends.


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