TL;DR Advocacy- Being Available

Today’s Boots on the Ground post comes from Amy Diegelman. Amy has an MLS with a specialization in Children’s and Youth Services, and works as a Young Adult Librarian at a small library on a popular island. Amy can be found almost constantly on twitter @amydieg, often wishes she was a werewolf, and used to write academic papers on the political philosophy of Batman.  


TLDR Advocacy


I’m going to tell you a secret: I’m a YA Librarian! Okay, it isn’t a secret, but it IS unknown to many of our patrons. There is no desk in our YA area and I am often elsewhere in the library so, for me, every interaction is a chance for the most basic advocacy: showing I exist!


Patrons, young and old, are often in the YA area looking for particular books, guidance, etcAmy. with no idea there’s someone specifically meant to help them. This is when I get to advocate our services. I tell (and show) patrons that I’m literally a YA pro! Its not uncommon for adult patrons, particularly, to have no idea such a job even exists. Once they DO know, patrons usually ask new/more questions than they had of another librarian. And next time they visit, they know who to find!




Tell us your advocacy story in 149 words or less and we’ll put it up for the world to see. This is a great opportunity to refine your next elevator pitch, and to inspire others to step up their advocacy game.

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