Ask a Storytime Ninja: July’s Featured Ninjas

This month’s ninjas have their work cut out for them as we already have a month’s worth of questions lined up for them to tackle. They are definitely up for the challenge!

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Introducing July’s Featured Ninjas



Ingrid Abrams: I have been a public children’s librarian in NYC since 2008. Currently, I am a Children’s and YA Librarian for Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Youth Wing. Before I was a librarian, I did serious time as a nanny, daycare worker, and a children’s theatre director. My life as an urban librarian has made me pretty skilled with dealing with very large crowds! Of course, I love each child as the special snowflakes that they are, but I have to say that toddlers are my absolute favorites.

Twitter: @magpielibrarian




michellekMichelle Kilty has been working in libraries since 2007 and has experience in storytimes with kids from 6 months old – preschool. Currently she is the Digital Literacy Librarian in Youth Services at Helen Plum Library in Lombard, IL. She works as part of a team presenting all types of youth oriented programs. She is passionate about exploring new technologies and ideas for children in libraries. You can find her on twitter @michelleannlib and on the blog Robot Test Kitchen:



darth vaderNatasha Forrester: I’ve been a Youth Librarian for…wow, seriously, has it been 12 years already?  My first 3 years were at a small, rural, stand-alone library in Kansas, and the last many years have been with a large, multi-branch county library in Oregon, and there are things I like and appreciate about both types.  While I was surprised at how much I like working with teens, early childhood is really my passion,and my two favorite library things are storytimes and doing programming for elementary-aged kids.  I’m also the in-house pop-culture and superhero geek, and rabid graphic novel consumer (as possibly obvious from my photo).

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