Liberte. Egalite. Storytime.

For sure DO NOT let them eat cake, if “them” is a large group of toddlers and the cake is just before storytime.


Happy Bastille Day!


Erin (@erinisinire) started a new blog, which is exciting in and of itself, but it’s even more exciting because her first post was about using failure to move forward. I really think her management has the best possible idea, in supporting her finding out WHY things failed rather than ever taking her to task or making HER feel like a failure. Great management allows for great librarianship!! Also Erin is v. v. smarty pants.


Sandusky Library just launched a toy library, and it is really exciting. And the press materials look amazing! I deeply believe that the job of the public library is to provide access to literacy skills, especially to the least privileged, and we have as a profession agreed that play is an important piece of pre-literacy. If our patrons cannot afford toys, and we can lend them, why wouldn’t we?! Amazing. Congrats to EVERYONE involved in moving this project forward.


Speaking of play! Thanks to Gretchen Caserotti for passing on this article on why adults suck at playing with their kids. I think it’s really important. PS: Gretchen, congrats on IDAHO PUBLIC LIBRARY OF THE YEAR!


Katie Salo wrote about making connections with caregivers and has really smart tips, and scripts! She’s like the Captain Awkward of Librarian/Parent Interaction basically.


PBS ran a piece on closing the word gap that you can watch, and feel smug about all you’re already doing to make this happen/get fired up about all the work left to do.


Felt board table: You want one.


Beachfront Libraries: I want one.



Today is Ginger Rogers' birthday. She could do storytime backward, and in heels.

Today is Ginger Rogers’ birthday. She could do storytime backward, and in heels.

Also apparently play the ukulele.

Also apparently play the ukulele.


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