The Coolest Boy In Gryffindor’s Birthday is Today

And also, Librarians are doing cool stuff on the internet.

Happy Birthday, Neville, you magnificent puller of swords from hats. You destroyer of horcruxes. You brave, prophetic child who became hilariously hot as an adult.



Abby’s been doing an amazing series all summer about her Preschool Lab, and she did a wrap up post that is stuffed full of really helpful examination of her process.

Renee Glassi wrote a guest post for the ALSC blog about serving parents of children with disabilities, and it’s really down to earth and smart and useful.

Jbrary did a round up of book character parties and it is exhaustive and amazing, not surprisingly.


Thanks to Emily Lloyd for this video about simple ways that parents can help close the word gap.

Does someone want to make me a Monster Book Bag? You do, don’t you?

ALSC and LittleeLit are pairing up for a Young Children, New Media, and Libraries survey, and you should go take it!

Angie (@misskubelik, has an early literacy Pinterest page!!!!


neville 2

Thanks, Kid.



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