Ask a Storytime Ninja: Featured Ninjas for August

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Another month, another set of questions to be answered. Here to take them on are our featured ninjas for August:



Meet Anna (who is the real Anna? Ninja? Librarian? Both?!) Francesca Garcia:

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Ninja bio: Confidential


Storytime bio: Since 2004, Anna Francesca Garcia has worked in public libraries, and she is the Kansas City Public Library’s Education Librarian (liaison to schools, homeschool groups, and enrichment programs). Anna Francesca earned her Master of Library and Information Sciences degree from the University of North Texas in 2008, six years before the birth of some of her youngest patrons. Newborns through geriatrics in Missouri and Nevada have enjoyed her programs, and she has led regular storytimes for caregivers with their babies and pre-readers.  She focuses on appealing to all sorts of learning preferences.  This is why she loves to incorporate dance/ movement (kinesthetic), felt (tactile), instruments (auditory), puppets (visual), and group activities (social) into story time. As she explores library offerings, Anna Francesca’s favorite test-subject remains her now seven-year-old daughter.



  • American Library Association: YALSA, ALSC, EMIERT Roundtable—Electronic Communications Committee
  • Missouri Library Association


Twitter: @AnnaFrancesca18

Monthly Blog Contributor:

Regular Blog Contributor: and

Storyland– Early Literacy Blog (completed):



Meet S. (She claims it stands for Sara, but it’s really for Sparkly) Bryce Kozla:



S. Bryce Kozla (also known by her alter-ego moniker Sara Bryce) is a Youth Services Librarian at La Crosse Public Library in Wisconsin, where she works in a non-management position on a team of six (including one of the joint-chiefs– HI BROOKE! HI!). Seven years’ professional experience in education have served her well in her library’s long and storied battle to reclaim the enormous boat in the children’s department in the Name of Reading. Bryce considers her expertise to be crowd/space management and non-storytime programs, but is happy to run her mouth about all sorts of stuff. She blogs about programming and other youth services topics at and can be found gallivanting on Twitter at @PLSanders



Meet Lisa (I want to live in her Libraryland) Mulvenna:



Lisa has 10+ years of presenting highly energetic story time programs featuring props, music, and now apps. She is known for her innovative new youth programs, including parachute games, dance parties, and early literacy stations. Lisa was the recipient of the 2012 Pletz Award for Excellence in Service to Youth, given by the Michigan Library Association. Lisa is the Head of Youth Services at the Clinton-Macomb Public Library. Lisa’s expertise includes toddler and 2 year old story times, early literacy, sensory programs, and technology. Twitter-@lmulvenna



Meet Sue (she’s done it all!) Jeffery:



Sue Jeffery is one of the founding members of the blog called Library Village, where she blogs about her preschool story times with her professional BFFs Kristie and Kristen. She had 15 years experience as a performer (database consulting was the day job)  and several years as an aide in special education classrooms before hearing the call of librarianship.  Sue was part of her amazing team for 2 years before moving to a new branch to be the solo youth librarian, but then leapt right into management in time for this year’s summer reading club.  She graduates this month from Kent State and is now the Head Librarian at a small branch (managing a staff of 5) in a county system in Ohio. Sue’s expertise is preschool story time, lower elementary library visits, outreach, flannel boards, transition songs, and coffee-fueled story time craziness. @suelibchick (twitter) Library Village (Facebook)



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