Advocacy Toolbox – Bouncing Babies

Here’s a new research article to add to your toolbox. It’s all about how music and movement directly affects a young child’s behavior.


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Interpersonal synchrony increases prosocial behavior in infants

By Laura K. Cirelli, Kathleen M. Einarson and Laurel J Trainor

Developmental Science



3 things to take away from this article

  • Moving in time (bouncing/dancing) with your baby affects their social behaviors
  • The study shows that babies are more likely to help another person after they’ve been moving in sync with that person. Even if it’s a stranger!
  • The things we do in storytime promote altruistic behavior.

So what does this mean for you? You now have even more scientific backing that the bounce rhyme and movements you use in storytime are vital. Children are forming bonds with their adults when you use bounce rhymes! This is some extremely powerful stuff and I think parents and caregivers would love to hear about it.


It also gives you a sassy comeback if someone ever says, “All you do is read to babies.”. Now you can say, “Actually, I help promote social bonds and altruistic behaviors by using movement and songs like Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”



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