The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet This Week

Beth had a Guerrilla Storytime and she sent us this picture of her challenge cup!!


beth challenge cup


Amy made an Unconference, because she is secretly/not secretly A LIBRARY CYLON GODDESS and they had a Guerrilla Storytime and let’s just all take a minute to wish we’d been there. Here are some notes so you can a little bit feel like you were there.


I love love love that Melissa is always asking herself, and us, hard questions about best practices. Real talk, folks, Mel is an invaluable treasure to us as a profession.


Check out this awesome Block Party that is family event/STEM activity/ early literacy skill builder all in one!   I


bet this Smell-A-Rama Bingo from Thrive After Three would be a BIG hit with your school-aged kids.


Have you caught up with In Short, I Am Busy lately? 1) Messy Art Club. 2) Take Home Storytime!!! Soooo smart.


I thought this was a good quick picture of how to make your programming/library more inclusive, no matter what you’re trying to be more inclusive OF.


I love these pictures of library buildings from across the country. Ask me sometime about the story behind my great great grandfather and Truth or Consequences, NM.


This YouTube channel has a bunch of cute baby rhymes, with bonus cute baby!


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