Storytime University: The 2 Month Recap

It has been almost exactly 2 months since we launched Storytime University. So far we have about 180 people registered! WOW. That’s a lot of people doing a lot of great professional development and sharing within the storytime community. Let’s keep it going. Here’s  a recap of some of the activity and accomplishments so far and more information about how you can earn badges.


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There are 8 badges so far (stay tuned, a Storytime Basics badge is in the works):


Flannel Friday 3 people have completed all tasks and earned this badge! Hooray!


Foot Soldier: no one has earned this badge yet, but it’s not hard! Submit an article to be included in our Advocacy Toolbox, comment on an advocacy post on the blog (there are lots of those!) and submit a story for TL;DR-seriously, we know you have great stories to share!


Grasshopper: this one takes a little more time to earn, but one person has done it and you can, too! Stay tuned for another post including a list of free webinars and videos to watch, plus some blogs you can read and comment on (or you could just read Coolest Things each week!)


Guerrilla: you have to attend a Guerrilla Storytime and host one to earn this badge. One person has done it! Are you next? 14 others have earned a task badge for attending Guerrilla Storytimes at Washington Library Association, Wisconsin Library Association, Nova Scotia, ALA 2014, Darien Library, PLA 2014, ALA 2013, and the Idea Playground Youth Services Unconference (ok, that sounds FUN).


Ninja: no Ninjas yet. Which is unacceptable because I KNOW there are lots of people who have done the tasks listed. Get credit for them! Commenting on Ask a Storytime Ninja posts and asking questions is easy. Then, finish off the badge by submitting to be a featured storytime ninja.


Samurai: no Samurais, either?! If you have ever been featured in Coolest Things, or have submitted an idea for the Coolest Things blog post, you are only one task shy of being able to complete a badge. The last task on the list? Post on the Storytime University Facebook page. You got this.


Sensei: This is the most epic badge you can earn. Earning this badge means, while we all still have learning to do, you are considered a mentor and teacher in our community.


Warrior: Do you know a Storytime Guerrilla? Nominate them for Guerrilla of the Month! One task complete.  Next, be a guest blogger on Storytime Underground. Send us an email with your idea!


*Did you know? You can count professional development you did before you registered for Storytime University. For example, if you were a featured ninja in May you can still get your badge now. Or, if you attended a Guerrilla Storytime last year, you can still claim a badge for it now.*


If you have any questions about or technical issues with Storytime University, please don’t hesitate to ask! Email us at storytimeunderground at gmail.


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