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If you aren’t already enrolled in Storytime University, stop reading this and click on the “Register” link at the top of your screen. Once you’re registered, come back to this post for some ideas for earning badges.


For those of you registered and ready to earn some badges, below are some resources your fellow Storytime University students have shared while earning their badges, plus some I’ve come across.


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Webinars (after you view one, complete the View a Webinar task under the Grasshopper badge):


Foundations of Early Childhood Development: It’s All About Relationships


Everyday Makerspaces: Low-tech, Highly Engaging Library Programming for Youth (by our very own Donatello)


Mobile-Friendly Youth Library Services


Create a Personal Learning Network That Works for You and other ALSC Student Sessions webinars (ok, so I didn’t just come across it, we presented it, but still. It has Ninja Turtle gifs.)


Programming Librarian online learning archive It’s not super easy to navigate-it’s not organized in any way as far as I can tell-but there are still some good things there.




Blogs: Read a blog post and comment on it, then submit for the Read and Comment task badge. Check out our blog roll (in the side bar-Blogs that Kick Butt) for lots of options for reading and commenting.


Alyssa also shared her blog (and earned the Blogger task badge for doing it) so check hers out and comment!




Videos: Earn the Watch and Learn task badge by watching a storytime content video.


Jbrary. Obviously.


Washington County Cooperative Library Services, Fingerplay Fun Videos Some in Spanish!


King County Library System, Tell Me A Story Rhymes and Songs




Flannel Friday: Today is Friday so the perfect time to start working on the tasks to earn that badge. Check out their website for more details on how to get involved. Then come back here and earn some badges!


You are now armed with some of the weapons you need to conquer the storytime world. Go kick some ass!

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