The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet This Week (and last week) (a day late)

I really want to just link to Abby’s article on the ALSC blog about how storytime is not just for entertainment, and then post a mic drop gif, and make that the entire Coolest Thing. BUT I haven’t posted in two weeks so that seems kind of lazy. Even though it’s worth its entire own Coolest Thing and several standing ovations.


ALSO if I only posted that I would not be able to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KENDRA which we missed somehow because we are terrible and were distracted by things like new jobs and weddings BUT THAT IS NO EXCUSE. Kendra is a beautiful brilliant genius with amazing hair and an adorable dog and WE LOVE HER.


Did y’all see that Abby (yes, the same Abby, because she is the STAR of Coolest Things this week, also LIFE) wrote an article about us for American Libraries? It’s on page 60. <3


I also wish to use this time to shout out to Angie, who a) is quoted in the above article saying nice things about us and b) much more importantly was super active in getting donations for the Ferguson Library, and they recognized her efforts on Twitter because she is made of magic.


Do you know who else just had a birthday? Our favoritest Splinter, Melissa. Also she posted this fabulous mouse storytime. It’s like Chanukah for me when she updates her blog, friends.


This is ALSO an important and brilliant post, from Imagine/Make/Play, about why music and movement programs are important. It would be especially good to stick in your advocacy toolbox (see what I did there?) in case you’re having trouble convincing your administration to give you time or funds for such a program.


This post by Cate at Storytiming about impromptu new-book storytimes, making mistakes, and letting patrons know that we’re a pretty rule-bending crowd, BLEW MY DAMNED SOCKS OFF. Man, Cate, you hit that ish out of the park. I got goosebumps and wished you were my librarian.


Bryce and Marge wrote about how they reimagined SRP in LaCrosse this year by going prizeless and implementing game cards, and they are geniuses so you should probs go check it out, especially if you kind of hate the way you’ve always done SRP.



(None of my GIFs are working because. . .Thursday? so I am linking you to them and you can just pretend I inserted them into the post, right?)

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