Coolest Things!

Friends! I started my new job as a SCHOOL LIBRARIAN this week and I am so excited about it and man have I had amazing conversations with kids this week.


Any time Bryce shares behavioral posts I know I should PAY ATTENTION. This one, on 6 ways you’re telling kids not to listen to you, is no exception.


This week is basically, remember who I linked to last week? Yeah, why aren’t you following them?


Melissa’s wordless picture book post and Cate’s on story dictation both have so much great in depth thought on making what we do more purposeful, deeper, more effective and affecting.


Ted, who we love, guest posted over on the Show Me Librarian, talking about his summer outreach storytimes and it is super impressive and smartypants and full of excellent tips.


Lisa at Thrive After Three has a FELT BOARD TABLE and I want one.


Hey do you want a new movement activity and also more material in Spanish for your Storytime? Of course you do. Miss Mary Liberry is there for you.


I don’t know if you read this article by badass Naomi House (who founded INALJ) about how she doesn’t want a library job anymore, but I thought it was really heartening and wonderful.


What did I miss?? Send me your best stuff!

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