The Coolest Things I Saw While Left Behind by Amy & Kendra at ALSC

It’s true. Amy and Kendra are at ALSC Institute facilitating Guerrilla Storytime, presenting, being their bad ass selves. Brooke and I are left behind, me rewatching the new Mindy Project episode over and over, and Brooke probably drowning in a sea of thank you notes. HA! Oh, I mean, sympathy, babe!


This post has like, zero storytime in it. NOT because no one posted anything great about storytime this week, but because I so soooo many cool school-aged things and I got carried away.


As a new-again school librarian, I’ve been catching up on great school and school librarian blogs. I love this meditation on power and empowerment, from Bud the Teacher, and I think it holds true for public librarians as well. We don’t want to be white knights, empowering our customers. That’s condescending and dehumanizing.


I’ve been chewing and chewing on this post from Donalyn Miller. It’s about busy work, and reading logs, and the joy of reading, and assignments that encourage critical thinking and deep engagement. Again, I don’t think it just applies to school librarians. I have some vague ideas about what we can do to help school librarians, or parents, or kids with this, and I’m fairly certain brilliant minds like Julie Jurgens and Buffy Hamilton have far more advanced theories.


Speaking of schools! Lisa at Thrive After Three has a great video about how and why to do successful school/public partnerships!


Since I’m suddenly interacting with a LOT more 3 year olds, and I am interested in building thoughtful relationships with them, I am thinking more than ever about things like praise and discipline. This post on descriptive praise, from Playful Learning, was super helpful to me.


Bryce introduced me to new-to-me blog Hafuboti, and I was going to link to one thing but I can’t decide, so, just go hang out over there. Everything is awesome.


The new MOOSE BOOK is about to come out!!! *Jumps up and down in chair* I get to order picture books again!!!! Everything is beautiful.


Thanks to Ruth (@ruthlibrarian) for making my day with this dinosaur comic <3


Did you know that a bunch of my PLN have cool internet projects? It’s true. Sophie (@sophiebiblio) and Margaret (@MrsFridayNext) have a phenomenal Tumblr where they. . .tell you what’s cool on the internet. That’s like SO up my alley.

Carolyn (@papersquared) and Anna (@helgagrace) have an amazing podcast about pop culture and Julie does the music and you should listen.


Once upon a time I was on this mailing list for this TV show, and it was cancelled, but I never stopped being on the mailing list or in the fandom, and I was on a podcast talking about it! So if you’re like, really into mid-nineties TV shows or how the internet can change people’s lives or fandom in general, you might be into this.



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I just thought today needed Grumpy Cat.

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