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Today’s Boot on the Ground post comes from the fabulous Melissa Depper, of Mel’s Desk fame. Melissa has been a children’s librarian in the Denver metro area for a long time, an early literacy advocate for a medium amount of time, and a supervisor for a very, very short time. She wishes she could bake cookies for every storytime provider in the world. 

TLDR Advocacy












Several years ago, Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy  borrowed the 43 Things idea  and developed a year-long initiative we called the CLEL 12. It was at the request of our members who asked for concrete examples of ways to get involved and be better early literacy advocates.


We listed 16 ideas, such as “Introduce yourself as a member of CLEL at your next professional gathering,” and “Contact your county’s Early Childhood Council and introduce yourself,” and “Make a presentation at a staff meeting about early literacy.” CLEL members could choose 12 ofmel the 16 things to complete the challenge– each activity one small to step to becoming a more active member of the Colorado early literacy community. Sound familiar?


Think about your library– what action steps could you put on a customized list to adapt the Storytime University concept to your colleagues and your community advocacy goals?






Tell us your advocacy story in 149 words or less and we’ll put it up for the world to see. This is a great opportunity to refine your next elevator pitch, and to inspire others to step up their advocacy game. 

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