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First I want to say that I am publicly, unapologetically 1000% #teamharpy.


Other, wildly unrelated, hashtag you should be following: #njysf14, the official hashtag of the NJLA Youth Services Forum. The phenomenal Linda Meuse presented, and her presentation notes are on her blog because she’s, you know, amazing.


Friends in the Midwest! Michigan KidLit Uncon is happening again, and judging by tales of last year (and the people putting it on) it’s going to be bananas. You should go.


Having weeded a few very old collections, I am constantly on the lookout for books that are casually racist. Betsy Bird at Fuse8 wrote about realizing that a beloved book — or one you’re in the middle of reading out loud — is surprisingly racist.


Also over at SLJ is a write up of the keynote speech from Fostering Lifelong Learners 2014, which I really wish I could have attended.


Pop Goes The Page posted about Metaphorical Magic and it IS magic, and also I wish I WERE magic because now I have the Little Arabella Miller rhyme stuck in my head and can’t get it out. But seriously, this project is science, art, and rhyming/literacy in one, plus it’s adorable.


I’m new (I think?) to Practice Makes Perfect, and always SUPER EXCITED to welcome new storytime bloggers to the scene. HI, KELLY!!! Kelly is blogging about her marathon week of storytimes, and from the sound of it she’s rocking it all!


Did y’all have kind of A Week? Me too. Here’s a baby armadillo:


baby armadillo

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