Results of our September Community Survey

Last month, we asked you find folk to take a minute to fill out our brief Storytime Underground Community Survey. Our goal was to see who is engaging in Storytime Underground, and how. 426 of you took the survey, and I thought I’d share the results here in case you’re as interested as we are. No worries; there is zero private info attached to the survey.


Our big data points:

59% of respondents hold a position that requires an MLS; 27% of respondents hold positions without an MLS requirement.

Sept14 Survey Q1

96% of respondents work directly with children and their families.

Sept14 Survey Q2

Of the folks who responded to the survey, there’s a relatively even split between those who supervise other staff (42%) and those who do not supervise (49%).

Sept14 Survey Q3

Respondents’ two main methods of engaging with this community are through our Facebook Group (74%) and this very website (65%). At this point, only 16% of respondents are involved in Storytime University.

Sept14 Survey Q4


Why did we even want to capture this snapshot of the community? Good question. Our hope is that, by knowing some of this data, we can make sure our existing and future content will be relevant to the folks who are part of the Storytime Underground community. As an example, these data suggest that we don’t want to have all content related to supervisory responsibilities, since half of you aren’t supervisors. On the flip side, though, the data also suggest we shouldn’t ignore that topic all together. Essentially, this survey can help us frame our thinking about content. I will say, also, that we recognize these data don’t reflect the entire community; we’re happy with the 426 respondents, but that’s nowhere near our 2000+ Facebook Group participation. These data are a snapshot, a guide. They also help us see how people seem to prefer to engage in the community; that’s great info so we know where to focus our energies and content.


Thanks to everyone who participated in this survey. And as always, if you have feedback or suggestions related to the content shared in the Storytime University community, please
let us know in an email.

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