The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Internet: HOCKEY IS BACK

I’m as excited as this kid, even if he is ROOTING FOR THE DEVIL:

We are a profession full of people who astonish me with their brilliance.


Anna Haase Krueger is one of the smartest librarians I know, and she is making some huge things happen for the One Book initiative in Minnesota. Watch her narrate Moo! Wish in vain that you could be as cool as she is!


Librarians you might want to be when you grow up: K. C. Boyd, my new hero.


Lisa “Amazing Star of All Things Library” Mulvenna wrote out a storytime emergency plan, a thing we should probably all have.


I just discovered the blog Pink Me and I’m into both this list of recent picture books and the rant about female illustrators and why they aren’t making waves in picture books.


I’m also into Sunflower Storytime including song videos and flannel templates in storytime plans! Also, I love the fox theme idea because there are so many fun ways you could go with it, and it would be so easy to incorporate non-fiction.


This post from Alyson Feldman-Piltch at the ALSC Blog about the difference between multiculturalism and diversity is important, smart, and a conversation we need to be having. While you’re there, check out Renee Grassi’s post about teaching life skills in the library.


Big props to Abby for making this list of diverse books to read in storytime! Do you have any to add?


Hey, Mel! Thanks for being such a huge supporter of Guerrilla Storytime from instant one, and such an enthusiastic participant in Storytime University! We <3 you most!



This week, I just needed some GIFs that made me giggle, so, here are some:




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