Let’s Shake Sh*t Up

Spoiler Alert: Someday, we’re going to make egg shakers that say that. But that’s for the end of the post.

birthday sloth

It’s my birthday! For my birthday, dear ninjas, I want 2 things:

1) I want to take over the professional laurel-awarding process for the youth services mafia. This means that I want YOU to nominate someone for Movers & Shakers (And, get moving and shaking, because the deadline is Nov. 7). The Joint Chiefs do a lot of questioning of the rock star librarian process, but here is what we KNOW: 1) It’s a big effing deal on your resume later (I can personally attest to this). 2) It feels, in fact, pretty great to have something you love and are passionate about recognized by your profession. 3) When literally everyone in libraryland opens up that magazine, we need them to see the phenomenal work youth services librarians are doing. It’s part of what will change people’s ideas about children’s librarians, and help us gain traction as Big Deal Professionals and not just people who read books to kids.


Last year, we offered some suggestions about people you might want to nominate. This year, we want to go outside the box of People We Know. So, I want you to ask yourselves some questions. Who do you know who’s doing a project that you want to shout about from the rooftops? Who has listened to their community so completely that it’s birthed something new and perfect and completely exhilarating? Who is filling a professional gap you didn’t even know existed until they filled it? Who is passionate about their kids and families and work in a way that personally revitalizes you? Whose work makes you wish they were your librarian? Whoever springs to mind, THAT’S who you should nominate. If it’s someone the wide internet library world has never heard of, ALL THE BETTER.


I really, truly hope you nominate. It can change the course of an individual’s professional life, and also the course of our profession, in terms of who and how we award recognition.




I designed this merch. I’m really proud of it. I want you to buy it, and wear it to conferences, and make your colleagues want to be a part of this revolution.


All the commission we receive will go towards: Server costs! Trademarking! Filing to become an LLC! Grown up things that it turns out are both important and expensive when you accidentally start a global community with more that 5,000 people in it.


If you are really into the merch IDEA but do not like any of the designs, please submit ideas! I am happy to try to make them work.


I love you all! Be excellent to each other!

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