Coolest Things, Halloween Edition

Isn’t the internet wonderful? GIFs alone make my life.


SPEAKING OF GIFS you can now take an online class on child behavior management from the Valkyrie herself, Ms. S. Bryce Kozla. DOOO ITTTTTTTT.


I talk a lot about Abby’s preschool lab, because it’s awesome, but also because she just does such a phenomenal job of integrating early literacy and science, and her blog posts are super helpful. This one is about BATS which is timely (since you’re already planning your Halloween storytime for next year, right? I guess it’s not THAT timely) and I love bats, and also Abby.


Who else do I love? ANGIE. What spectacular, over the top, make you feel like you’re not doing enough in your library (kidding!) thing is Angie up to now? Frozen party. Obvs.


Are you already reading Inclusive Early Literacy? If not, I recommend adding it to ye olde blogroll. This post, about the presentation that Tess (@tess1144)  gave at ALSC Institute, should whet your whistle.


People talking about WHY they do things in ST is totally my bag. Intentional Storytime goes Orange this week, and I go. . .pink with happiness? Green with envy of the kids who got to see it? I don’t know. It’s a really good storytime write up, is what I’m saying here.


This video made me unreasonably happy. Happy Halloween!

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