Coolest Things I Saw On The Internet: Winter Is Coming

The cooler weather sees me desperately trying to read some of the books getting Newbery and Caldecott buzz, and launching evil plots with Amy and Brooke for Midwinter. If you’re going, submit a Guerrilla Storytime challenge in the comments!



The Library Adventure is doing a monthly interview with a library worker. This month, the featured librarian is in youth services! And she’s from super close to my hometown! And she has a cute blog! Hi, Emily!



Also found at Storytime Secrets, I love this list of books for kids with new babies in the house. I work with a lot of toddlers who are having some ISSUES with this, and I’ve been thinking a lot about picture books as art therapy since I got Good Bye, Bad Bye in a few days ago (man, that thing is stunning).








I THINK YOU SHOULD BE DOING MUSIC AND MOVEMENT. So does Miss Meg. So does Angie. We all think so. (This post cracked my shit up, also)



. . .if you don’t sing in storytime.


I don’t know if I’ve linked to this before, but did you know what Harris County (Whooo!) Public Library has an insane database of storytime themes with books and flannel and song ideas and also notes? It’s a keeper.



Y’all, I hattttte Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving books and Thanksgiving storytimes. I do. I think it’s from living in the heart of Indian Country for awhile, or from being a vegetarian who doesn’t eat sugar. I don’t know. I hate it. But kids don’t! So, how do y’all handle the Thanksgiving thing without it being super racist? I’ve done pie-related, pumpkin and apple, and thank you themes in the past. Share your favorite no-pilgrim-November storytime ideas!

Yes. I’m This Person. #sorrynotsorry

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