Free Training Resource: “Zoning in on Children’s Spaces” from Demco

Last month, I asked readers like you what new types of regular features you’d like to see here on Storytime Underground. One of the two top requests was for free training resources. Starting today, you’ll get links and information about a free training resource every month.


November’s free training resources is a webinar sponsored by Demco: “Zoning in on Children’s Spaces: Engaging Your Youngest Visitors” given by Kimberly Bolan Cullin. I had the opportunity to see Bolan Collin speak a few ALAs ago, and I was fascinated by all she had to say about creating deliberate spaces in the youth areas of the library. I’m excited that everyone can take advantage of this archived webinar–and all the accompanying resources!


Click on this screen grab to access this webinar & resources!

Click on this screen grab to access this webinar & resources!

So take a bit of time to engage with this webinar and think about how you can thoughtfully and deliberately create spaces that your target audiences will use. I, for one, love this idea of zoning spaces for specific ages of library users. Go forth and get ideas!


* Don’t forget that viewing a webinar counts toward the Grasshopper Badge in Storytime University! Create a Storytime University account and log all of your awesome professional development work, you stellar youth services ninja, you.
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