The Coolest Thing I Saw On The Way To Winter Break

Y’all are mostly public librarians, I think, but I, I am a SCHOOL LIBRARIAN and I am now officially counting down the days until I wave goodbye to my little postage stamp collection and get on a plane to my hometown for 2 STRAIGHT WEEKS. While there, I will have breakfast with CAROLYN (@papersquared) and Nicole (@pumpedlibrarian) who probably does not know that she is walking into the center of our tangled love web. Heh. I suspect we will chat about our badass library websites.

I googled best gif and this came up. What even?


Here is the part where I admit something at which I am terrible: I often forget about emails I have opened, including emails to the SU account. This means I am sitting around bemoaning that no one ever sends me Coolest Things submissions, when in fact I’ve just forgotten them. Sigh. Abby is AWESOME at sending submissions, so the next three links are from her, and they are super, super cool.


Miss Michelle blogged about letting go of perfectionism and tailoring storytime to meet her personality, which I really think is Thing You Need To Know About Storytime Number One.

Same google phrase. Fewer questions, because, whipped cream.

She was inspired by Brytani’s post (HI BRYTANI!! <3) about flexible storytimes. It’s so true that our storytime preferences change as we grow and get comfortable, but also that each group has its own needs. Some mixes of kids just have a vibe, and learning how to read the vibe is so important, and takes practice!


Sarah has been doing a series called Tune In Tuesdays where she shares ideas for music she uses in storytime. Sarah is the best. You should follow her on Twitter and RSS feed and also look at pictures of her unbelievably cute kid.

This is obviously the best of the best gifs.


My friend Connor (@keepthemuse) who, if life is kind and this whole blog thing blows up will someday be my personal assistant, linked me to NPR’s book convergence app, which is great if you don’t have an awesome RA librarian at your disposal (although probs in that case you should befriend @helgagrace). But it is pretty awesome, which you know because Margaret (@mrsfridaynext) is involved.


Happy December, y’all. Make sure to check out the new ninjas, and the kick off of Amy’s new feature, Why Don’t You. . .?


Let’s be careful out there.

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