Storytime University: Updates and New Badge!

It has been a little over 5 months since Storytime University was launched. Apparently I should be spending less time ranting about holidays, taking a new job and moving, and selling a house (just don’t ever, btw) and more time sharing all your Storytime University accomplishments because I’m way behind! Sorry, friends!


We have about 320 participants so far!!!!! And there are many more pending (which, hey, if you tried to register and haven’t tried logging in to the site yet, do it and let us know if you have any difficulty). Hooray! I’m beyond thrilled with the response and hope everyone is learning a lot.


There have been so many tasks completed, I cannot even begin to recap all of them this time. You have all been very busy! Here are some stats, though, for those of you who love them as much as I do. The rest of you, just skip down to the NEWS part.


Flannel Friday: 7 have completed all tasks.  A total of 122 tasks have been completed in this category.


Foot Soldier: 0 have completed all tasks. FIX THIS!!! There are only 7 submissions so far, and we just can’t have that. We are all advocates! Everyone, go talk to Jenna Nemec-Loise about Everyday Advocacy and get involved there, and here.


Grasshopper: 8 have earned this badge. 61 conferences and trainings attended! 16 blogs read and commented on! 23 webinars viewed! 26 storytime content videos watched! We’ll be sharing links for some of the content viewed soon.


Guerrilla: 5 have earned this badge. 29 Guerrilla Storytimes attended and hosted. Though we know there have been more. Tell us where you attended or hosted and earn the badge.


Ninja: NO ONE HAS EARNED THIS BADGE! But lots are close- 15 tasks completed thus far.


Samurai: 3 have earned this badge! 22 tasks have been completed.


Sensei: Woohoo! Go, Lisa Shaia! She is the only one to earn Sensei status so far. You’re awesome. 31 tasks have been completed.


Warrior: this badge has been in flux as we settle in to some new regular posts going. So, keep your eyes peeled for new tasks to complete for this badge.




And now, for the news! OMG you guys, I’m so excited! Thanks to the help of the one and only Soraya Silverman-Montano, we now present to you…


Storytime ABCs badge! 

To earn this badge you must complete 8 tasks: La La La, Parachutin’, Props, Puppeteer, Scarf Love, Shake It Up, Talk It Up, and Tap It Out (on a drum or rhythm stick-geez, get your mind out of the gutter). You will received a pretty, bright and happy badge for completing each of these tasks along the way. Let this badge be your courage to try something new, or revisit an old standby. Whatever you do, we want to hear about it. When you submit a task, be sure to include details for what you did.


Ok, now stop reading this because…




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