Adapting the Guerrilla Training Methodology for Tech

Are you intrigued by the idea of guerrilla-style trainings (i.e., Guerrilla Storytime), but you’re looking for ways to adapt that methodology for the library work you do? I’m happy to report that the guerrilla method is being adapted by colleagues across the nation, adding a new type of peer sharing and learning to professional development events.


Sophie Brookover, Program Coordinator & Social Media Manager at LibraryLinkNJ–The New Jersey Library Cooperative, wrote up her colleagues’ experiences with Guerrilla Training last year. Staff members from school, public, and academic libraries participated in Guerrilla Tech Hacks at a statewide technology open house, and the event was such a success that Sophie’s team is expanding it from 45 minutes to a full hour at their 2015 TechFest events.


For more on the guerrilla training method, head to that part of our site. We’ll be posting recaps of guerrilla trainings beyond storytimes/youth services as they come in.


And if you’re interested in putting together a guerrilla training for your library, association, etc.,  let us know! We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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