Coolest Thing I Saw: Chag Sameach!


I love Brytani. We haven’t met in person (I don’t think?! Brytani, if I met you and forgot, I am the worst and we should karaoke), but I have full faith that she’s the best. She wrote this great piece about lifting up rural libraries, which I don’t just love because it gives us a shout out. I used to work in a semi-rural library and it’s both a frustrating and incredibly rewarding experience.


Thanks to the Loudmouth Librarian for calling out the lack of religiously diverse holiday titles for teens. For real, though, how hard could it be to do some Chanukah books?


Even Tom Cruise is confused, and he practices a completely made up religion.

Eight crazy nights? That seems made for YA. I have like 5 ideas right now.

1) Each night told from the perspective of a different Jewish teen, who are all mysteriously connected. Bonus points if the kids are from around the world.

2) Teens meet at dinner on the first night, fall in love over the next week (bonus if they’re LGBT!)

3) Historical fiction! Teens light the candles in secret! Bonus if there’s a romance with a non-Jewish citizen who has to decide whether or not to keep the secret.

4) Two Jewish brothers, estranged from their parents, go on a road trip over Chanukah. Wacky hijinks ensue OR they learn the true meaning of miracles OR something scary/tragic happens OR their mom just died and they’re questioning their faith

5) It just happens to be Chanukah and the kid just happens to be Jewish and they say some prayers and eat some latkes in the background because guess what? That is a normal ass thing that happens in America.


Claudia at never shushed posted about an alternative program to 1000 Books Before Kindergarten that she’s doing. I think the program is SUPER NEAT but I also like that she looked at something a lot of people are doing successfully, and thought about it, and decided it wasn’t the right fit for her right now. I think in libraries we often fall into doing the hot new thing, before we know if it really fits a need we have. Love it!


‘Tis the season for the best lists, and I am digging NYPL’s 100. Mmm, diversity. Plus, I have long been obsessed with their site design. It’s fun to play with. Thanks to Betsy Bird for the list, and the tip.


This week, some dud I’ve never heard of posted a list of 200 librarians you should follow Twitter. I’m not going to link to it, because I think it’s bunk. Oh, there are amazing names on there. You should for sure be following Buffy Hamilton, and Anna (both Annas, but it’s @helgagrace who makes the list) and Liz Burns. Like, obviously. But he also lists Joe Murphy, a bunch of Joe Murphy’s supporters, the Safe Libraries guy, and also a bunch of white dude liBROrians I personally have found to be remarkably douchetastic IRL. I was going to make a list of people you should follow instead, but then I realized that you are INFORMATION PROFESSIONALS with MASTER’S DEGREES who teach people how to use Twitter FOR A LIVING BASICALLY and decided I would not talk down to you, but instead assume that you are smart enough to figure out who you dig the most on your own.



Except I will talk down to you maybe to say that if you’re not #teamharpy I don’t know what you’re on about but you’re amazingly incorrect.


Please share your own must-follows in the comments or on the FB page. Points (POINTS! – Chris Hardwick) for women of color, trans* folks, social justice activists, or dudes who are categorically not mansplaining, hit-on-you-at-networking-events, credit stealing, dismissive snotbuckets.


May your lights be festive and your food be fried, be you People of the Book or just Book People. <3 <3 <3

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