Resolve to Rock in 2015!

The fundamental mission/mantra of Storytime Underground is that we support, promote, and train each other. It’s a great sentiment–truly embracing the power and potential of this amazing community. But transformative potential starts its growth at home, in each of us.

Resolve to Rock meme image

That’s why, for 2015, we’re encouraging youth services folks–well, everyone, really–to set some professional goals. We want everyone to resolve to rock in 2015! So take a bit and think about how you want to develop and grow in 2015. Maybe you want to try new storytime songs and rhymes more regularly. Maybe you want to finally do a deep weed of a particular collection. Maybe you want to participate more in a community of support; or maybe you want to take a step back and focus on work-life balance. Whatever it is, we want to encourage YOU to think about your professional goals for 2015. And whatever those goals are, we know you’ll be resolving to ROCK.


If you’d like to share your professional goals for 2015 on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. starting January 1, please feel free to use our Resolve to Rock image embedded in this post and/or to link back to this post. We the joint chiefs find others’ resolutions hugely inspiring and aspirational, so if you’re into sharing–for accountability, support, whatever–we can’t wait to see how you resolve to rock in 2015.


Let’s go forth and make 2015 the best year yet for youth services in libraries!

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