Resolve to Rock Resolutions From a Night Owl Librarian

This is my first official post and I’m gonna kick it off by posting my resolutions for Resolve to Rock but firstly I want to thank the Joint Chiefs here at SU for all the awesomeness they’ve created through this site and social media. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to grow and be surrounded and supported by colleagues and peers from around the world and I thank you guys for letting me a part of it all!


I’d like to very briefly introduce myself before getting started. My name is Soraya Silverman-Montano, I’m currently a Youth Services Librarian with the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. I’d describe myself as a gamer, crafter, cosplayer and unique chef; an avid reader of mostly YA fiction, manga and comics and I LOVE storytime, Mad Science, and teen programming. 🙂 I hope to push myself even farther this year by growing professionally and personally through these three goals:


1.) Think bigger! I think I’ve always been a bit outspoken on new ideas that wander into my head but I’d really like to push those thoughts forward into concrete, physical results. And I don’t want to be reserved about ideas that could have a huge impact on not only my branch or my district but my community as a whole. Libraries are evolving rapidly and I feel we either have to adapt and embrace the change or we’re going to fall behind and become obsolete before we know what hit us. If I’m able to formulate my thoughts into solid, realistic and strategic plans that could be one day be implemented, then I will feel unbelievably accomplished within my profession.


2.) Dedicate time every week towards professional development. Whether through webinars, professional journals, shadowing or other outlets, I want to make sure that I have an explicit day and time to force myself to dedicate towards growth. I have such a backlog of things I’ve been meaning to do and maybe I’ll find time here and there to knock a couple things off my list but I feel if I say: “Every Monday, from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. I will either watch one webinar or read two professional journals.” then I will create a routine that will become natural to accomplish over time.


3.) Push my staff towards professional development as well. I’m extremely fortunate to have an excellent team of employees and I see so much potential within them to grow. I make sure to ask them before their annual evaluations to see where they want to end up within our library district. If they have an interest in another department, I set aside time during the week for cross training. However, I want to go a step farther and create specific goals and assignments to gain individual skills in order to obtain the positions they desire. And just by working towards those goals I’ll have even more opportunities to support and celebrate their hard work. Not that I need an excuse to do so but I personally feel proud of myself for reaching goals I’ve set and I’d hope for them to feel that sense of accomplishment as well.


I’ve loved hearing about everyone else’s goals today and can’t wait to see what incredible things we’ll achieve! I wish you all an AMAZING 2015 and a lovely evening as well!

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