Hey, why don’t you… make a song/rhyme cube?

Hey why don't youFor your consideration this month, a most excellent homemade storytime prop: the song/rhyme cube! This idea has made a resurgence of late, in particular with Katie’s including it as her recent Flannel Friday post. The premise is straightforward: you’ve got a large die with an image to denote a different song or rhyme on each side. In storytime, you toss the die (“How many times should we toss it? Help me count: one, two, three!“), then sing the song/rhyme that lands facing up. So, hey, why don’t you make a song/rhyme cube of your very own, tailored to your personal favorite storytime songs and rhymes?


It’s fairly simple. Start with an empty cube-ish tissue box. (Yes, I realize that since it’s not exactly a perfect cube, you won’t have equal odds of landing on each of the six sides, but this isn’t Vegas. A bit of uneven distribution will be fine.)



If you anticipate lots of use for your song cube, you might use an extra piece of cardboard (like from a cereal box) to reinforce the open end.



Next,  you wrap the box as you would a present. You can pick a pretty color of paper if you aim to leave some room for a border around your songs and rhymes.

IMG_0237 IMG_0238


Print out images that are representative of your 6 favorite songs and rhymes. You can include words, or not; it’s totally up to you.



Cut out those images and use clear packing tape to affix them to the six sides of your cube.



Ta-da! You’re ready to roll! (PUNS!)


So if you’re looking for a new way to bring your favorite songs and rhymes into storytime, why not make a song/rhyme cube? If you try this idea at your library, feel free to report back in the comments!

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