The Coolest Thing I Saw the First Week of 2015

Happy 2015, y’all. I have high hopes that this year will be less awful than last year. Actually, I have no such hopes, but I’m pretending optimism.


This week I saw a WHOLE LOT OF AWESOME in peoples Resolve to Rock posts! The roundup is here, and it continues to grow.


Also the MOST EXCITING THING happened which is that Teen Services Underground launched!!!!!! Someday, we would like to have other affiliates, like, maybe LibTech Underground, or Academic Underground. Basically what I’m saying is we’re trying to grassroots take over librarianship, and this is the first step in our conquest. Secret evil plan, revealed. Thanks to Drea and her phenomenal team for making it WORK. It’s very shiny, no?


Thanks to Gretchen Caserotti (@gcaserotti) for tweeting a link to this SO SMART I CURSED IN GLEE AT MY COMPUTER SCREEN article about kids in the library. LET ME PULL SOME QUOTES FOR YOU (apparently this article made me into Angie Manfredi): “Young people in the library aren’t just children of members of the community; they are the community.” OH OR: “This does not mean they are using the library as a recreation center; it just means that they have a broad definition of what the library is used for.” HALLELUJAH AND AMEN. Gooooo read it nowwwww.


In case every human you’ve ever met did not tag you about this on FB, NPR talked about ECRR2. Exposure! We like it.


Thanks to Mary K. (@daisycakes) for being a part of this amazing initiative, and tweeting about it. Denver PL, along with many collaborators, launched Earlier Is Easier, a website to help parents use ECRR2 skills. Way to get around the web like and early reading hussy, ECRR2.


Katherine at Read Write Reflect held a Mock Caldecott, which I love anyway but am linking to especially because it looks like we all need to buy copies of The Adventures of Beekle if we haven’t yet.


For some reason I had never heard of Noon Year’s Eve parties until this year and I think they are so clever, and the FB group had great posts about them. Erin Davison @erinisinire tweeted this picture that made my life:


Embedded image permalink

“ROARING like dinosaurs at our Noon Year’s Eve Party with @LadybugsLilAnne! “


Did I miss something amazing? Tell me about it!


Welcome to the BEST YEAR EVER. Let’s stay warm out there. <3

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