The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet: Midwinter is Coming!

Sorry for the cheesy GoT joke. In my defense, I started reading the Song of Ice and Fire back when Storm of Swords came out, so I’m old school.


It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for us! Book Riot ran an article about us and the Facebook page EXPLODED with new members, which is fantastic. Welcome, new people! We love you.


TSU got a shout-out over at SLJ, too. Congrats, guys! You deserve it!


Basically, we’re everywhere, and in case you’ve forgotten, one of the places we will ALL be is Midwinter, doing Guerrilla Storytimes and being in ur conference, taking shit over. Come say hi! We’ll be the nerds in the ninja turtle hats, probably.


Thanks to Lisa Shaia who sent over this amazing submission: Miss Meg hosted a SPY ACADEMY and I am pretty jealous that I am not a kid and did not get to go.


New song alert!! Katie at Storytime Secrets took a sweet as pie folk song and flannelized it, and I think y’all are going to be really into it. I am!


From the same recent Flannel Friday roundup, I am lovvving Amy at one Little Librarian’s 5 LITTLE OLAFS.


The AASL blog posted this smart article on doing what is important v. what is urgent and I think it fits in quite nicely with our Resolve to Rock stuff. Also, Hi, AASL Blog! I should spend more time with you now that I’m a school librarian.


Over at the ALSC blog, SU Joint Chief and General Best Person Amy has an interview with PAT MORA! Happy Birthday, Dia!!


I love Maggie (Playing the Hits)’s idea of focusing on Storytime All-Star books, and highlighting things that always rock the house. I feel like we’re all always looking for books that just sing to a room of toddlers every time.


I’m mostly linking to this post by Carrie at The Lion is a Bookworm because I think it’s INSPIRED to have a craft for a color themed storytime that’s just. . . paint. I think kids have ore fun the more open-ended crafts are, and blue finger painting is exactly right. LOVE IT.


A couple of my favorite discussions on the FB page this week were this one celebrating a shy kid coming into their comfort zone at storytime, and this one asking for help with graciously turning down offers from volunteers to lead storytime. I love how our community supports and celebrates each other and our kids and families!!


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