Storytime University: Thrive Thursday Badge!

A while back, Lisa, creator of Thrive Thursday, asked if there might be a place in Storytime University for a Thrive Thursday badge, much like the one existing for Flannel Friday. At first thought, if might not seem a perfect fit since Thrive Thursday is all about after school programs, while storytime is usually about children who are not yet in school. In fact, for many librarians storytime is about helping children gain skills they need to be successful when they enter Kindergarten. So why a badge about school age programs?


Because literacy skills don’t stop developing once children start school. The programs you hold in your library after school help children continue to develop the literacy skills they need to learn to read and strengthen their already existing literacy skills. They stimulate their interest in learning and discovery of information, and hopefully help them know the library as a fun, safe, welcoming place for them to visit for all their information needs now and forever. For many children they may also be the only source of extracurricular entertainment and socialization, also a part of literacy development.


Plus, with this age we’re able to do more elaborate programs for their young, inquisitive minds!  We can expose them to more complicated science concepts and even larger vocabulary pools and terminology; stimulate intricate creative processes through art to get them curious and reading about different movements throughout history; work with tech and engineering materials that have more complex processes and comprehension levels that toddlers and preschoolers are simply just not ready for yet.  The potential is tremendous!


And because most of you don’t work solely with the under 7 age group. Your jobs include programming for all ages and we want to make sure you have the tools and training you need to make your jobs as easy and excellent as possible.  Thank you, Lisa for the marvelous suggestion and for creating a great resource for this age group.


Now, go forth and badge!







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