The Coolest Thing I Saw on the Internet this Valentine’s Day

I don’t do Valentine’s Day. It started out, many MANY years ago, with some youthful rebellion and a theory about karmic blowback* and has just kind of stuck around. The taller half and I don’t celebrate, I don’t send out cards or put my name on card recipient lists. I call my mom and that is about. it. It’s more habit than it is any actual issue with the holiday. But here’s the thing: I super appreciate unironically loving things and being grossly schmoopy over them. I am FOR IT. And I love y’all, a whole hell of a lot. So you’re going to be my valentines this year! I’ve conscripted you.



It feels like a million years since I’ve done a Coolest Things post, because IT HAS BEEN. For. . .reasons. Reasons = I am bad at doing things that aren’t reading trashy novels this month apparently. That’s romancey, right? A lot of those novels have romance in them.


PS if you like urban fantasy or regency romance, I got some amazing recs from Twitter and am happy to pass them on, lemme know.


What’s cool this week/month? Librarians making CSLP their own, using comics in the classroom, libraries  (effectively) using YouTube and more!


Rebecca at Hafuboti was not. . . super enthused. . .about this year’s CSLP artwork. So, she made her own! And put it out there for anyone to use! I love some of the ways people are interpreting “Every Hero Has a Story.” I know one library is doing historical heroes. Awesome!


Toronto Public Library has made some really high quality, fun educational videos that they have up on their YouTube channel, and I think everyone should know about them.



Thanks to the extraordinary @shinyinfo, who answered my query about using graphic novels in the classroom with this great resource from the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Once you read the article you should spend some time exploring the site because it is FULL OF WIN.


A HUGE thank you to Heather and Kelsey for Song Catcher’s Library, a database of recorded storytime songs.


This is SUCHHH a fun idea from Brytani, turning those old wooden block puzzles into a literacy station. If I were an emoji, I would have hearts coming out of my eyes over this one.


Katie’s ALSC blog post about things she didn’t expect as a storytime librarian made me awwww all over my keyboard. I love people who love our work.


Kathleen posted on the FB group about her ECRR2 stations, and you should all go steal this idea RIGHT NOW. It’s spectacular.


A romance I can get behind


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