Ask a Storytime Ninja: The Show Stealer

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The Question:

What do you do with the show-stealing kid? When you’re in the middle of reading a book or leading a song or whatever and one of your storytime angels gets up and decides to interrupt/stand in front of you/make random comments about how much s/he likes or hates the book/etc.? What’s the best way to keep everyone else engaged while redirecting the interrupting angel?


The Answer


Ellen says: 

Aah, the show stealer! There’s one in every storytime, isn’t there? I usually try not to indulge. As long as they are not harming themselves or others, I try to ignore the behavior and usually they stop. Sometimes, if they are being extremely disruptive, I try to quickly and quietly say something along the lines of “Let’s share after our story, okay?” Mostly I have found that if I generally ignore the commentary from the peanut gallery, it stops after a minute or so because I’m bigger and louder and holding an interesting book/flannel/etc.


I have also found that if things are getting out of hand with the whole group, I start reading very very quietly, the kids often stop and focus on me. My theory is that they think they are missing something important (and they are, the story!) and it might be really great but they won’t know what happens if they’re talking over me. I have had this work with varying success, and sometimes I have to try it and then abandon it because it’s not working, but it’s worth a try.



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