Things I Saw on the Internet This Week

They’re not all cool, per se, but. . . interesting? Important?


This first one IS super cool. Boston just remodeled the Children’s area in their central library, a facility managed by the extraordinary Laura Koenig. It looks, truly, incredibly inspiring. Laura’s hiring an early literacy librarian right now! You could work in this amazing space!


Jason Griffey wrote about poor libraries in poor communities paying low wages. I have so many thoughts! Full disclosure: Lisa (@byshieldmaiden), who originally posted about the low wage of the position, is a good friend, and I really get that she’s seeing the broad perspective of librarians being paid below what they’re worth, and/or administrative jobs that can’t attract MLISs because the candidate wouldn’t be able to afford their loan payments. I also think all the things Jason said are valuable. My fervent hope is that this sparks a dialogue about how we can help those communities have the best services possible — and help that director, probably non-degreed and possible totally untrained — feel as supported as possible. There’s a lot going on in the comments, not all of which I agree with.  Interestingly, the person currently holding the position commented, and says the library has supported her professional membership dues and more, which I think is awesome. I have thoughts! I bet you have thoughts! Let’s talk.


Kirkus interviewed Pam Munoz Ryan and she is a FASCINATING GENIUS and wow.


Do you want to help fund a kickstarter for more diverse stock photos? I feel like you might.


The world is a sad and dangerous place, friends. Parks and Rec is gone forever, and Kansas wants to CRIMINALIZE distributing controversial books.



In good news, it seems like we’re keeping net neutrality, so, we don’t need to burn the week to the ground yet, I guess?


If you need some cheering up/keeping warm, listen to actual rock star/ librarian Julie Jurgens sing amazing songs that she wrote.


Be careful out there!

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