Hey, why don’t you… explore some new blogs?

Hey why don't youYou know who has some of the absolute best ideas and practices for library programs and services for young people? YOU GUYS! And we’ve just updated our Resources page, which is a big old blog roll of excellent sites dedicated to all aspects of youth librarianship. I personally find it incredibly invigorating to read through colleagues’ blogs. It’s where I stumble upon new ideas, where I’m prompted to think about my own practice, and where I can support a larger community of sharing within this profession. The sharing is what makes youth services librarianship great, y’all.


So hey, why don’t you check out our updated Resources page and explore a few new blogs? The time investment of checking some new blogs every now in again has huge payoff in terms of fostering ideas and new members of your PLN. Peer learning at its best!

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