Ask a Storytime Ninja: Lightning Round!

Some of the questions asked by all of you are either stumpers for our featured ninjas, or could just benefit from a wider broadcast. Thus, the Ask a Storytime Ninja Lighting Round is born. You will see these posts occasionally on Thursdays and they will always (hopefully) be brief.




The Question:


Good stories about Sideshows (aka Coney Island type) for primary school (1-3 grades), and also for older readers (grades 4-8). (maybe circus sideshows, too).


The Answers:


From Natalie:


Older reader: Thrills, Chills, and Cosmic Spills by Dan Greenburg. It combines aliens and sideshows.

Younger: Who Put the B in Ballyhoo? by Carlyn Beccia


From Ingrid:


All I can think of, and as a Brooklynite, I’m always looking for Coney Island-related books, is Mermaids on Parade by Melanie Hope Greenberg. It doesn’t totally fit the bill, but is one of the few picture books that takes place in Coney Island.


From Natasha:


Not sure if this completely fits the bill, but there is some good nonfiction/informational text about women who were in sideshows – the one that sprang to mind is Women Daredevils, for grades 1-5 (depending on whether or not it’s read to them or they are reading it themselves).


From Anita:


There’s a 1970 easy reader by Leydenfrost “The Snake that Sneezed”, about Harold the snake who found his fortune by swallowing a kangaroo(who went hop, hop), a camel (who went wiggle,wiggle) and an elephant (who went swish, swish) and then sneezed them out when an ant hopped on his nose, thus creating the first circus.  Our book was discarded long ago, due to wear and tear, but I use the story in an interactive version similar to the Old Woman who wasn’t afraid of anything.

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