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You guys! What a month. I’ll tell you about it eventually. In the meantime. . .Cool things! And GIFs. GIFs with zero rationale except they made me giggle.


Abby’s American Libraries column is always excellent, and she’s calling on us to be responsible for how we’re incorporating diversity into every aspect of our work.


I love Jbrary’s series on Canadian libraries, and this post by guest blogger Jane Whittington is EXCELLENT. Here is a quote: “Community outreach is particularly important in an increasingly diverse city like Vancouver. Those of us who grew up in North America may take it for granted that libraries are free and open to all, but libraries take different forms in different countries, and these assumptions are not universal. Community outreach allows us to connect with people who may feel too intimidated to enter the library because of language barriers, think the library has a membership fee they can’t afford, not see the value in the library because they do not read English material, or assume that children are not welcome in a quiet, formal space like a library.”


Katie writes about how she organizes her storytime stuff, and seriously, bestill my heart.


Older Brother.gif




This post of Erin’s made me tear up in the middle of lunch, so. GROWING READERS, Y’ALL.


This Kermit display for St. Patty’s makes my life.


I’m so glad Jenni at From the Biblio Files wrote this post about non traditional class visits.



how i feel when i watch soccer


I’m ALWAYS willing to think creatively about shelving. Why are we stuck with what we’ve always done? Brian at Swiss Army Librarian seriously shook up his shelving, and he says it’s uber-successful in his community.

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