The Coolest Thing I Saw

This week, one of my favorite library blogs ever is having a birthday: Bryce Don’t Play turns 4! Bryce linked to 8 new blogs she’s loving, and they are all worth checking out.


I especially love this baby sensory play post from Mallory Tells Stories, this candy science program from the LibraryKart, yeah, I won’t link to them all, go see Bryce! She’s got you hooked up.


You needed to giggle, didn’t you?


Sometimes, the world around us falls apart, and picture books are therapy. Keep being amazing, Baltimore.


I love the Self-Care Sundays series that Kendra’s been doing. There’s so much burnout in librarianship, for obvious reasons. Let’s all support each other in getting the hell away from the library world and into pedicure chairs or travel adventures or margarita pitchers or. . .whatever self care looks like for us.


Brooke also recently did a blog roundup, this time of her go-to early literacy sites, all of which should be in your toolbox.


This idea, from Not Just Cute, about noticing the seeds we’re planting instead of relying on finishing items on a to do list, would probably be great to share with parents. But, I think it’s also a great idea for us, professionally. Some days it feels like noting gets “done” except maybe some connection building, some planting of seeds.



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